A new teaser is on! The Funtime Puppet is revealed, with a new line: There's a little of me in everybody. This may be because everyone was a child like Puppet originally, and some of that childhood remain in everybody. Also, the spruce code has a few secrets in it.

"Client_Dir001:ChcasPrtyWrld/BirthdayAccessories/Novelties" So, Chica's Party World.. is that the name of the sister location? Is Funtime Puppet for birthday parties?

"Client_Dir002:PrivateBDayBooking[5OL]/Chldrn_ENT/BdayProps/Novelties" This proves that this is a CHILDREN'S entertainment place, like the other locations. And Bdayprops, once again, for BIRTHDAYS.

"Client_Dir003:CRMN_Inst/Project" Hmmm.. a project.. Perhaps it's to solve the mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's, placing this after FNAF3?