Yes, the Shadow Animatronics. Where did they come from, and what are they? In this blog post, I will explain it all. First off, there are actually two generations of Shadows, one black, the other purple. The ones we see in FNAF2 are the black ones, while the ones in FNAF3 are the purple ones. Now, both of the black shadows have been known to teleport, just like the Springlock suits. Shadow Freddy even has the same design as Golden Freddy, while Shadow Bonnie looks more like Toy Bonnie. These black shadows, were the original Shadow Animatronics. The replacement suits that Phone Guy mentioned in FNAF3, Night 4. Questions of relevance and appropriateness were risked about these, as this very tape mentions. A possible reason why questions were raised may have been that these suits were black, instead of the yellow suits from before. And because of this, the Shadows became their own characters. When replacements arrived, some kids may have liked the Shadows.. So, they returned later, as new models, the purple ones we see in FNAF3. This is also why the black ones are withered, they were never used again once the replacement suits arrived.